Little Simz: A Dope Artist

Little Simz

Little Simz is an English rapper, singer and actress. Born on February 23, ah of course she is dope, she is a Pisces. I discovered Little Simz on this episode of COLORS, seen here, LITTLE SIMZ BACKSEAT COLORS

What captivated me, other than her performing totally in the moment, is her storytelling in poetic, rhythmic verse that is completely spell-bounding. This, of course, led me down the Little Simz rabbit hole, where I stumbled upon this performance where she is a lyrical assasin, seen here LITTLE SIMZ VENOM COLORS.

Little Simz Album 'Grey Area' is available now! Check it out and her tour dates here, LITTLE SIMZ OFFICIAL SITE.

Little Simz is young but seems wise beyond her age. She is an amazing storyteller and is capable of telling her truth through her circumstances, whether on the mic or on screen. She is one of my new favorite artists and I will be keeping up with her.

This is why Little Simz is A Dope Artist.

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